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Miscommunication on a Grand Scale (Ep. 3 Pt. 5)

You sent me an email!” Rue's statement was pronounced with a flourish and accompanied by an accusative wagging finger as he burst through the door of his office.
Oh!” Millicent's surprised gaze was owlish behind large round glasses. The woman was still at her desk and she quickly looked to the computer, forwarding Rue's accusing glare to the inert PC. “Now how did I manage to do that...”
Not today,” Rue thundered, “Back- back when I was, er, we were working on the Dawes case.” He rocked back on his heels, clearly enjoying the outburst.
But that's quite impossible. You know that, Rue.” Millicent gestured helplessly to the monitor and keyboard.
Don't play dumb with me...” Rue shouldered past the medium, setting down his laptop with a thump.
See? Here. Gotcha.” He pulled up the email from three weeks past.
Squinting, Millicent in turns looked confused then worried. “That's not mine.”” Rue read aloud.
Millicent sniffed, “I would never refer to myself in such a way.”
Mystic? It's on your card!”
Incorporated. It's dirty. Takes the art out of things and makes it all business,” Millicent rose from her chair. “Now see here, if you want to come in here accusing me of all sorts of rubbish, then please do so with some modicum of decorum and a lower tone of voice.”
Fine. Explain yourself then.” Rue crossed his arms, waiting.
Silence followed as Millicent looked from PI to PC, seemingly lost for words. Granted, as the woman truly was inept with technology, there wasn't much with which she could defend herself.
You-” “I-”
Both spoke at once after the brief pause, Millicent gesturing that Rue speak first. Excitement had flitted across his features in the short span of time while he'd awaited his partner's defense.
Ha. You even asked me if I got your message. That day at the station. After you'd sent the email,” Rue raised his eyebrows. Wiggle out of that one!
Millicent laughed, “My comment would have been in reference to you picking up on my clues and hints the night you came over to collect that necklace after I communed with Ted's spirit. I timed the séance so you'd know why I had needed Rebecca's necklace at all. What I wanted was for you to put two and two together and find your way to the old police report. Meeting you at the station was a happy accident. Goodness, Rue, you know I am much more subtle than that... Email, ha!”
Looking up and down the eye-bleeding colors that his partner had worn today, Rue thought, Subtle. Yeah, that's your m.o.
Fine. Let's say you didn't send it.”
Because I didn't.”
Fine. Then who did?” Rue crouched in front of the computer again, his mind's eye seeing briefly the strange dream he'd had earlier that morning.
Someone who clearly wants us together...?”

Rue didn't want to rain on Millicent's suggestion but that, frankly, the cooperation of a PI and a medium seemed a very odd thing to try to bring about.