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Duped (Ep. 3 Pt. 4)

Still stewing from this waste of a morning (granted, if he hadn't been bringing Millicent up to date, Rue mightn't have had much else to do) the PI decided that a walk to clear his mind was exactly what he needed. And maybe a drink. Followed by a nice nap. That'd be lovely.
A quick collision with the humidity that had set in outside informed Rue that his afternoon plans might need to be rearranged. Nap first, walk later.
By the time he arrived on his front step, Rue was all-over damp, his shirt clinging to arms and the small of his back.
Blessed air conditioning. Rue cranked the AC up to maximum and stripped out of shirt and socks, crashing face-first into the sagging couch.

In the distant part of his mind, Rue could hear a jangling sound. It was nearer a buzzing, actually, and even in his sleep the PI swatted at his face instinctively. The jangling buzzing continued, building until he thought he'd break from the tension.
A missed call.
Groggy but now awake, Rue was tempted to launch his phone across the room. But then he hadn't the funds to replace it, so he refrained, instead satisfying himself by giving the resulting voicemail the stink eye. Didn't people know better than to ring in the middle of an afternoon?
Avoiding the sticky, hot, cushion-side-down cheek, Rue pressed the phone to his face. Better to know now than to wonder...
It was Millicent. Their client had reported another Incident with regards her deceased son.
Rue nodded along with the message, free hand rooting around for paper and pen. Rebelling, the fingers stopped their search. He was alone, there was no need to pretend to listen. Thus reminded, Rue halted the message mid-play and rolled back over to try and reclaim what was left of his nap.
As he lay on the couch, hot and annoyed, it occurred to him: Millicent had sent him an email back when he was working the Dawes case.
Nothing, not anything, would keep his eyes shut after that revelation.
Hands now blindly questing for a (reasonably) clean shirt, Rue groaned into wakefulness. He had to go back to the office and figure out what that harpy was playing at.