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A Rapid Survey of 21st Century Tech (Ep. 3 Pt. 3)

Millicent appeared quite serious—well, as serious as a woman could look when wearing no less five different eye-popping colors in three different patterns.
How've you been getting clients? How do they get a hold of you?” Rue found his tongue at last. Where the scotch had failed, abject surprise at his partner woke him fully from his dazed stupor. Granted, it only put him into a very different sort of stupor. Rue wasn't even sure where to begin.
I have a card, Rue. And a telephone.” Millicent blinked widely. She really was serious.
Ok. Fine.” Rue sought to move on to the real problem at hand. If Millicent wanted to remain painfully ignorant of how a real business was run in the twenty-first century, who was he to argue. (This observation conveniently again forgot that Millicent was currently their sole bread-winner.)
He turned to the blank screen on Millicent's desk and waited.
So did Millicent.
They both spoke at much the same time.
Rue let out a noisome sigh. “Is this thing even on?” He suppressed a brief moment of worry—his last secretary hadn't mentioned having problems with the 80s-tastic computer he'd provided for her. But then again, maybe she had and he hadn't paid attention. Or maybe he'd somehow screwed up when wiring it for modern use.
I don't think so.”
Rue resisted the urge to thunder out of the office and seek solace in something strong and alcoholic. He forced an even and calm tone into his voice, “Ok. Well, first we need to turn it on.”
Ok.” Millicent brightened. “How?”


Forty-five minutes later, Millicent was online and Rue was wired on a pot of coffee. It had transpired that the medium did not own even a television—this gem discovered when Rue tried to liken the monitor to an old tube TV but with a switch instead of a knob.
No cell phone. No TV. No email account.
Rue's revulsion had actually turned to fascination.
And in light of recent discoveries—that Millicent was not quite living in the present age—Rue inherited her latest case, one involving a mother who's dead kid appeared to be logging into his online accounts from Beyond.
Gee, did Rue feel lucky.